How do I place my order?

Placing orders for Memorial and Cremation Plaques going into a Cemetery
If you’re ordering a memorial or cremation plaque to go into a cemetery, then you’ll need to find out:

  • which cemetery it’s going to be placed in, and
  • what the size, fixing and design specifications are for that particular cemetery.

Many cemeteries have their own pricing structure which is dependent upon these plaque specifications. Some cemeteries also have their own additional charges. This information may then dictate the type of product that you can choose.

Placing orders for all other Products

  • Memorial Markers and Columbarium Plaques NOT going into a cemetery,
  • Take Home Memorials,
  • Pet Memorials,
  • Commemorative Plaques and Signs,
  • Commercial Plaques and Signs,
  • House Signs and Numbers

All can be placed via our online Retail Design Program or the Order Enquiry Form. Once you are happy with your product’s proof and cost, you can sign and return the accompanying consent form.  Your order is then placed and it proceeds to the casting process. You will also be required to pay for your order at this stage. See the FAQ section entitled ‘How can I pay for my order?’ for more information.


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