Pet Memorial Plaques



Bronze Pet Memorial Plaques are for use in your own home or garden. They’re specially designed for attaching to walls, rocks, concrete, a granite base, trees or furniture… perfect for you to take home and put in a place that was special to you and your much-loved pet.


Heart-Plaque-on-Stake     Pet-Plaque-on-Stake


Plaque on a Stake

This version as shown in the above 3 images is on a bronze stake for easy placement in the garden. Although available in a range of sizes, the actual size of the plaques pictured is 5.5" x 4"  (rectangular and oval) and 5.5" x 5.5" (heart).  These Plaques are traditionally small, with a maximum size of 6" x 4".


Design shaped plaque




Many of our customers have found that the perfect way to memorialise their pet is to make a plaque in the shape of something their pet loved! The image above of a bone-shaped plaque is a great example of what can be achieved.  Other shapes such as balls and actual animal shapes are available on request.