Flat Relief Emblems

Emblems are the image, motif or picture that you’d like on your bronze plaque or marker. Including an emblem on your product can help to express beliefs, ideas and feelings in a way that may not be possible solely with words. Emblems can either be produced in Flat Relief or Bas Relief.

Flat Relief Emblems are created in Phoenix's design software. The surface is finished to the same height and appearance of the inscription/text and borders etc. Flat Relief Emblems can be positioned anywhere on the plaque or sign and the size can be varied and in any orientation. The size of a Flat Relief Emblem is specified by the largest of the vertical or horizontal dimensions. A minimunm size of 1.5" may apply to some more complex Flat Relief Emblems.


HorizSize VertSize



You may also need to consider copyright and permission issues for the use of your emblem.


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We have a database containing in excess of 5,000 flat relief emblems.  New emblems can also be designed from scratch or from client supplied artwork. Below is a small selection of the emblems available.



FM631 - Rose



FM1361 - Wren and Rose



FM1389 - Butterflies



FM1399 - Gerberas



FM2967 - Bluebird



FM3078 - Angel


FM3179 EagleHead

FM3179 - Eagle Head

FM3356 GolfCart 01

FM3356 - Golf Cart

FM3524 Roses-Bunch-2

FM3524 - Rose Bunch


A comprehensive list of emblems is available for viewing here Emblem Library.