Commemorative Plaques

Phoenix Foundry has been providing highly sophisticated commemorative bronze plaques and signage since 1983. Commemorative Plaques occupy a special place in history by ensuring that prominent people and events are permanently recorded in a beautiful and everlasting way.




Our range of cast bronze Commemorative products include plaques, lettering and cast emblems as detailed below:


Commemorative Plaques and Signs

Commemorative plaques and signs are most suitable for:


Birdwood-Flour-Mill   OVAL-East-Circular-Quay

  • Building openings or refurbishments
  • Marking the details of an occasion
  • Displaying important historical reading information for the public
  • Recording and displaying family (ancestral) or group history
  • Refurbishing ancestral grave sites and monuments that have decayed or been destroyed
  • Signage for guiding visitors through buildings or features within a town or city precinct
  • Public memorials that include sculptural elements


 London-Police   Norfolk-County2


Please Contact Us for more information about any of the above products or Design your Commemorative Plaque or Sign here.  This feature enables you to save the layout for editing at a later date and provides live quoting.