Lawn Markers

The Lawn Marker range is a collection of approximately 50 hand crafted bas relief scenes. All scenes are available on single or companion lawn markers in a wide range of sizes. Each scene can be combined with your choice of edge, border, background colour and any additional flat or bas relief emblems to create a truly unique memorial for your loved one.


Sizes available for lawn markers include:  

16x10    18x9    18x10    20x12    22x10    22x12    24x12    24x14    24x16

24x18    24x30    28x16    32x13    34x14    36x13    44x13    44x14    48x18

(Note: other sizes may be available on request if order volumes warrant)


Our Lawn Markers designs have been divided into two different categories to help you find the most appropriate design:


Mountain-Scene-24x12     Pieta-24x12

General Designs                                                      Religious Designs


Holy-Patron-Blessed-Mother-     Station-1-24x12

       Holy Patron (Religious) Designs                              Stations of the Cross (Religious) Designs


Uralla or Armidale Vases can also be incorporated into markers. See the Vases page for further details.

Lawn Markers are available in a range of Edge variations including the following.  A wide selection of Standard or Designs Borders are also available to help compliment your chosen design:



Rock-Edge-Perspective            Wood-Perspective    

Rock Edge                                                        Wood Edge


StraightEdge           EliteEdge  

    Straight Edge                                      Elite Bevel Edge (shown with Antique Design Border)